Defending The Realm - Mark Hollingsworth


Inside MI5 and the War on Terrorism

Authors: Mark Hollingsworth, Nick Fielding

In 1997, MI5 officer David Shayler went public with a series of damning criticisms of the Security Service. Hollingsworth and Nick Fielding broke the story in the Mail on Sunday but then took Shayler’s revelations as the starting point for an investigation into the agency. This is a brand new and updated version of the book that was originally published in 1999.

Defending the Realm Synopsis

What does MI5 do? Beyond the Shadows reveals how the security service is managed, run, financed, structured and operated, including details of MI5”s bizarre recruitment procedures, and revelations about phone tapping operations against MPs.

A brand new edition of this fascinating book on M15 intelligence operations. Updated and expanded with brand new material on the war on Terrorism such as insider reports on the Bali bombing, M15’s tragic lack on intelligence on September 11th and how it is now regarded as a ‘massive’ intelligence failure.

Both authors write for the broadsheets, are well-connected and are leading experts in the field. Defending the Realm provides a rare insight into the secret world of M15 and breaks new ground in revealing its covert techniques – from phone-tapping and mail tampering, to the running of agents and surveillance operations. This new edition also provides a profile of M15’s new female director, Hon. Eliza Manningham-Buller.