Mps for hire - Mark Hollingsworth


The Secret World of Political Lobbying

Author: Mark Hollingsworth

When more than 200 young schoolgirls were kidnapped on 15th April 2014, in the north-eastern Nigerian town of Chibok, by the extreme Islamic terrorist sect Boko Haram, it captivated the world and catapulted the oil-rich west African state into the international media spotlight.

MPs for Hire Synopsis

The House of Commons is fast becoming a market-place. There are now 384 MPs with commercial interests, holding 522 directorships and 452 consultancies. MPs are increasingly hired themselves out to the business community – acquiring lucrative consultancies, directorships and shareholdings. Not only are they paid substantial fees, but they also lobby Parliament and Whitehall and obtain potentially useful information for their clients.

In this first ever book on MPs’ commercial interests, the author reveals how MPs are hired, who is paying them, what MPs do for their money and how their links with companies are often kept from public scrutiny. Packed with examples of how MPs face a conflict between their public and private interests, the book discloses much new material.

Chapter 6 MPs for Hire:Agents of Influence: MPs and Lobbying Companies
Chapter 7 MPs for Hire:Ministers and Money Men
Chapter 8 MPs for Hire:Whom does your MP Serve?