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Rothschild rescue of Hollywood’s favourite jet firm fails to take off Tycoon Nat Rothschild has emerged as a key figure in the failed bailout of a glamorous US private-jets operator used by celebrities from Mariah Carey to The Rock. ES Newspaper
SFO is stepping up its Kazakh miner probe Serious Fraud Office investigators have stepped up the long-running probe into allegations of corruption by ENRC, the mining conglomerate owned by Kazakh oligarchs, which was formerly listed on the London Stock Exchange. ES Newspaper
Shell and ex-MI6 men under spotlight on Nigeria oil deal The role of two former MI6 officers employed by Shell in an allegedly corrupt oil deal is being investigated by Italian prosecutors, it emerged on Tuesday. ES Newspaper
London chief among bankers up in Monte dei Paschi trial One of Deutsche Bank’s top wealth chiefs in London is among 13 bankers facing allegations of fraud and false accounting tied to complex finance transactions with struggling Italian lender Monte dei Paschi. ES Newspaper
Murky saga of an ex-minister and ‘siphoned-off’ oil millions Even by Nigerian standards, the alleged siphoning off of $1 billion (£750 million) from a $1.3 billion international investment in a lucrative oil block through “fees” to a former oil minister’s company and assorted middlemen has been shocking. ES Newspaper
War of the Palumbos: Why 25 year family feud is unlikely to ever end The gilded Palumbo dynasty is at war once again. In one corner are James Palumbo, the driven multi-millionaire owner of the Ministry of Sound nightclub whose favourite book is Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, his two sisters Laura and Annabella, and in the other is their father Lord Palumbo, confidant of the late Princess Diana, London socialite and former benefactor of the Conservative Party. ES Newspaper
A tale of two Rothschilds The relationship between Kate Goldsmith and rapper Jay Electronica has uncanny parallels with her great aunt Nica’s passion for Thelonious Monk ES Newspaper
The Defenders Desperate and floundering, the McCanns’ solicitor flicked through a legal directory to find an extradition and can be counted on to shield Madeleine’s parents from the specialist – and hit pay dirt. Kingsley Napley have defended everyone from Pinochet. ES Magazine
Shadow of the gunmen who guard the super-rich Fearful of assassins, kidnappers – or just over-eager fans – billionaires and celebrities are surrounding themselves with bodyguards, some of them armed. ES Magazine
Russian Monopoly We all now the Russians are here, but how do they live? They lay their floors with leather, meditate in Japanese gardens and peer out from behind bulletproof curtains a their billionaire neighbours. ES Magazine
Fight Clubs It is 1am on a Friday night and the 18-year-old son of a Russian billionaire is screaming insults into the face of the doorman at the Paragon Lounge off Hanover Square, Mayfair. Dressed all in black and wearing a gold bracelet, the oligarch’s son is barred from the club and so he tries to slip a bunch of Pounds 50 notes into the hand of the bouncer. ES Magazine
Out of Africa back home with mum – what next for Scratcher Thatcher?” WALKING briskly past Harrods, the man in the blue blazer and cream trousers looked every bit the English gent. He strode with an upright, almost military, bearing, designed to give the impression that he did not have a care in the world. But not all was as it seemed. Every few steps, he turned and cast nervous glances in every direction, as if he feared he was being spied on. ES Magazine
The rich Russians who new home is a snipski A new set of Anglophile billionaires for whom money is no object will pay whatever it takes for the right address. ES Magazine
The Playboy Prince Prince Jefri of Brunei’s unbridled appetite for luxury has landed him in trouble yet again. This time it’s a strange tale of secret diamond sales in Hatton Garden and a harem of catty beauties. ES Magazine
China Town The Chinese have overtaken the Russians and Arabs as the biggest spenders on Bond Street, not to mention their taste for stucco mansions in SW1. So how long can they stay under the super-rich radar? ES Magazine
Aga in Wait When a rogue snowboarder crashed into the Aga Khan on the slopes of Courchevel, 15 million Ismaili Muslims were left pondering who would inherit the role of spiritual leader. ‘K’ has recovered,but his half-British children have been thrown into the spotlight,in particular Prince Rahim,who shares his father’s appetite for women and winter sports. ES Magazine
Another Spin on the Wheel What’s the latest trophy asset for a socially aspirational billionaire? A West End casino, of course. Luckily, for Mike Ashley of Sports Direct and Richard Caring of Annabel’s, there are two old favourites with recent Far Eastern owners who might already be persuaded to sell. ES Magazine
Hirst’s Other Shark Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk was a shadowy figure who snapped up businesses at a fraction of their true worth. Then he started cavorting with rock stars and artists, bagged London’s most expensive house and the top lot at the Hirst sale, and set about trying to buy a place in the limelight. ES Magazine
The Treasure Seeker To the astonishment of his peers, an unassuming Iranian art dealer has somehow built up a personal fortune of £2.5 billion. Is David Khalili a genius or merely the agent of some of the world’s biggest spenders? ES Magazine
Fast and Furious Last week Slavica Ecclestone sparked off what looks set to be London’s biggest ever divorce battle from her husband, veteran Formula One boss Bernie. But since much of his fortune is in the volcanic Croat’s name, and she seems to be revving up for a fight, is billionaire Bernie heading for a blowout? ES Magazine
Fire Sale at the Savoy Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia had all the essential trappings of extreme wealth: an Airbus, 300 cars, four wives and a string of luxury hotels. So what has caused him to put
the Savoy up for sale?
ES Magazine
German Khan When German Khan, a gun-toting oligarch, and his ex-air hostess wife Angelika, sacked Chelsea interior designer Carole Langton, he expected her to go quietly. But Carole is made of stronger stuff and dragged the Russian to court. £££ later, who’s winning? ES Magazine
Goodbye Dubai With snowdomes in the desert,swimming pools for racing camels and a ruler for whom no scheme was too grandiose, Dubai became a playground for the rich and the expats who worked for them. But property prices have crashed, construction has stalled, and British debtors risk jail if they can’t jump the border in time. ES Magazine
The Grapes of Wrath War has broken out between Vivian Imerman, the lecherous, luxurious man from Del Monte, and the billionaire Tchenguiz brothers. Mark Hollingsworth tells a very juicy tale of sex, money, divorce and a bulletproof Roller. ES Magazine
A Modern Maharaja Lakshmi Mittal, London’s richest man, made another £4 billion last year.To celebrate, he’s shed his diffidence and is casting himself as a Bond villain with an appetite for lavish parties and conspicuous consumption. At the same time, he’s risking his empire with even more extravagant takeovers. ES Magazine
Sweet and Sour Life has been sweet during boom time for London’s glitziest property developers, the Candy brothers. A year ago, they had three headline-grabbing projects on the go in the capital. Now they’re no longer involved in Noho Square, they’ve been bought out of Chelsea Barracks and half of the flats at One Hyde Park are still for sale. It’s crunch time for those Candys. ES Magazine
To Russia with Love Only a ruthless, muscle-bound billionaire from Moscow is man enough to take on our most temperamental supermodel. But who is Vladislav Doronin? Mark Hollingsworth on an epic romance of silk sheets, yachts, jets and a strangely serene Naomi Campbell ES Magazine
The Secret Agent When foreign billionaires arrive in London needing a house, they call Trevor Abrahmsohn. Operating in a hidden world where nothing is written, nothing is advertised and everything is to play for, he sells Hampstead to the highest bidders. ES Magazine
Love & Divorce Every unhappy oligarch is unhappy in his own way and the fanatically secretive Boris Berezovsky’s current worry is his divorce from his wife Galina. Will the secrets of his immense wealth remain hidden, or will the marriage break-up lead to unwelcome disclosures in court? ES Magazine
Spies, Lies & Videotape When Prince Albert hired a private spy to clean up Monaco’s reputation as a haven for organised crime he didn’t expect the former FBI agent, Robert Eringer, would end up suing him. ES magazine
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Ex-Met chief caught up in Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya row Dubai government legal department is challenging payments made to company chaired by Lord Stevens The Guardian
Dubai: Princess Haya’s flight to UK threatens diplomatic crisis Wife of sheikh is said to fear kidnap after disappearances of other female royals The Guardian
Dubai’s ruler battles wife in UK court after she fled emirate British government alleged to have been lobbied for return of Princess Haya The Guardian
Curious tale of the central Asian oligarchs and the City of London Mining firm ENRC bids farewell to the Stock Exchange but its Uzbek and Kyrgyz creators are here to stay The Guardian
ENRC: Serious Fraud Office launches criminal investigation FTSE 100 miner investigated over fraud, bribery and corruption claims relating to its Kazakhstan and African businesses The Guardian
ENRC chairman quits amid internal inquiry into corruption allegations Mehmet Dalman’s exit leaves hole at top of corruption inquiry as filings reveal his links with founding oligarch The Guardian
Zambian minister under investigation over Trafigura contract Zambian justice minister denies allegations multinational commodities trader paid his firm to secure $500m fuel contract The Guardian
Vladimir Kim accused of giving false evidence in Kazakh court CEO of mining firm Kazakhmys sent letter by lawyers of former Kazhakstan PM Akezhan Kazhegeldin over fraud trial in 2001. The Guardian
Consortium plans £520m bid for Biffa Waste management group Biffa is target of a £520m offer from consortium including Chinook Urban Mining and JP Morgan The Guardian
Construction firm branded ‘complete disgrace’ by high court judge CCC, which has history of British political donations, failed to comply with court orders freezing its assets The Guardian
Palumbo children accuse father of extravagance as family feud resumes Children go to court to remove father from trust. Property magnate accused of selling off estate. The Guardian
Spies in suits It is a secret world where operatives, armed with the latest technology, can find out almost anything about anyone – bank details, telephone records, e-mail traffic, criminal records, tax information, mortgage details and even medical records. The Guardian
Getting to the kids Smirnoff, keen to market its vodka as a legal high, is to sponsor a hip club. But there are problems The Guardian
Secrets and spies Review of MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations by Stephen Dorril The Guardian
Secrets, lies and David Shayler The spy agencies are pursuing the press because they are afraid The Guardian
Defying the Man in the Mac Political vetting by MI5 is not restricted to civil servants. It also affects employees in private companies like British Telecom and independant corporations like the BBC. The Guardian
MI5: Building Empires, Ruining Careers Every Country needs a security service. It should protect the community from known and potential terrorists. But MI5’s role does not make it immune from temptation facing any bureaucracy, especially one that is protected from outside scrutiny and not held to account. The Guardian
Construction firm branded ‘complete disgrace’ by high court judge A family of Palestinian construction tycoons who have donated more than £118,000 to the Conservative party are facing contempt of court proceedings in the high court. The Guardian
‘The case is notable for one thing – he got caught’ When the NoW’s Clive Goodman was convicted of phone tapping it reignited the debate about privacy – and newspapers’ increasing reliance on public interest as a defence. The Guardian
Ex-BAE chairman is recruited by Kazakhstan Sir Richard Evans, former chairman of Britain’s biggest arms company, BAE Systems, has gone to work for the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The Guardian
Mittal raises bid to halt Russian ‘cakewalk’ Lakshmi Mittal is preparing to raise his €23bn (£16bn) bid for Arcelor by several billions and cede further family control over the combined group. The Guardian
The king for a clean-up The new Saudi monarch is ready to take on his country’s corruption and dangerous subordination to US interests. The Guardian
Mandelson rented flat from oil tycoon in coup claim The European Commissioner’s alleged links with a millionaire accused of backing a putsch bid in Africa are prompting questions. The Guardian
Peer denies sales pitch for BAE in Lords debate One of the British politicians currently in the pay of the arms giant BAE Systems has been accused of not declaring his interest while speaking in the House of Lords. The Guardian
Spies like us New Labour’s obsession with the intelligence services has been a disaster for the government and MI6. The Guardian
Debt-hit Elan accused of ‘aggressive’ accounting A senior executive of a major American biotech company has spoken publicly for the first time about his concerns about accounting practices at Elan Pharmaceuticals, the troubled Irish drugs giant, which he said were on the ‘aggressive side of what is acceptable’. The Guardian
US firm accuses Diana fund of failing to release charities’ cash More than 100 charities that rely on the Diana memorial fund for grants are preparing to make drastic cutbacks, amid accusations that the fund is dragging its heels over releasing money. The Guardian
Price-fixing row over BP’s Russian oil deal A £4.2bn Russian deal scheduled to be signed today in the presence of Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin could land BP in a multi-million pound lawsuit, according to legal documents seen by the Guardian. The Guardian
State aid for BNP running costs The British National party has received taxpayers’ money to run its operations and pay its running costs as part of legislation introduced and approved by the Labour government, the Guardian can reveal. The Guardian
Fresh doubts surface over embattled MP The embattled Labour MP George Galloway acted as the secret ’emissary’ for a British-based Islamic dissident who purchased a satellite phone supplied to al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. The Guardian
Iraqi billionaire’s passport suspended The passport of a London-based Iraqi billionaire with past links to Saddam Hussein’s regime was confiscated yesterday at extradition proceedings initiated by France. The Guardian
Bribes claim rocks festival Creamfields, Britain’s biggest outdoor dance festival, has been rocked by corruption allegations after fraud squad detectives arrested one of the organisers for allegedly bribing a council officer responsible for awarding its licence. The Guardian
Caught in the shadows When John Beasant refused a bribe to stop publication of his book about oil-rich Oman he was expelled from the country. Mark Hollingsworth on the history of a shadowy state. The Guardian
An infestation of lobbyists The PR people have flocked into Labour’s headquarters to offer their services – absolutely free The Guardian
Opening the floodgates There is one individual so embarrassing and infuriating that Sir Stephen Lander, the head of MI5, must pray nightly for the earth to open up and swallow him. The Guardian
Second MI5 officer attacks security service A second MI5 officer, Jestyn Thirkell-White, has decided to speak out to the Guardian in the wake of attempts on behalf of MI5 to harass the press. The Guardian
The hidden hand The allegation by David Shayler that the espionage agency MI6 plotted to assassinate Colonel Gadafy of Libya has always suffered from limited corroboration. But now the dam of new evidence is bursting open. The Guardian

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Doctor Zhivago niece Anna Pasternak sues author Lara Prescott for plagiarism As a descendant of the author Boris Pasternak, Anna Pasternak may be well equipped to pass literary judgment. The Times
Goldsmith caught up in ‘oligarch riddle’ Lord Goldsmith, the former Attorney-General, has become embroiled in a suspected sting that resulted in a top anti-mafia lawyer being put on trial in secret in Belarus today. The Times
Russian oligarch loses $1bn case that lifted lid on Monaco sleaze The Russian oligarch who owns the football club AS Monaco has lost a legal battle to have his former art dealer convicted of fraud in a scandal that has ensnared the principality’s politicians and police. The Times
Top law firm advised ‘scam queen’ Ruja Ignatova A City law firm advised a glamorous businesswoman known as the Cryptoqueen months before she disappeared and her OneCoin scheme was exposed as a £4 billion pyramid fraud. The Times
Russian oligarchs pile up assets in Britain Russian plutocrats named in America, Canada and Britain as potential targets for sanctions have been freely buying up dozens of properties in the UK. The Times
Law firm ‘using stolen emails’ in battle with emirate’s middleman A leading law firm whose partners include Miriam González, the wife of Nick Clegg, has been accused of exploiting personal messages stolen from a hacked computer and posted on pirate websites. The Times
How virtual fingerprints can trace dirty money Secret liaisons on the internet can be identified using new technology developed by a British software start-up. The Times
Tycoon sues from beyond the grave over frozen assets Israel Perry had his worldwide assets frozen, including properties on three continents, a luxury yacht and an art collection featuring paintings by the Russian Jewish surrealist Marc Chagall. The Times
Lord Palumbo offers hope for a relationship with his son James Lord Palumbo, the former chairman of the Arts Council, has broken his 30-year silence about his feud with his son James, the newly ennobled nightclub owner. The Times
Kofi Annan turns up heat on ENRC and Glencore in pursuit of Africa’s lost tax Kofi Annan has called on Britain to use its presidency of the G8 to stamp out the “unconscionable” business practices of companies such as Glencore Xstrata and ENRC in Africa. The Times
’Deluded, dishonest’ Berezovsky vows to fight on after defeat In the end, a man famous for his intellect and charm was undone by his own disastrous performance in the witness box. “I am amazed,” a flushed Boris Berezovsky said outside the commercial court yesterday after hearing Mrs Justice Gloster’s damning dismissal of his $6 billion (£3.7 bn) claim against Roman Abramovich. The Times
Russian power games played at Park Russian authorities have stepped up their pursuit of a multimillionaire banker who bought Britain’s most expensive house, issuing an international demand for his arrest in connection with fraud charges. The Times
Failed law firm Cobbetts’ ex-partners claim it’s payback time The collapse of one of Britain’s top regional law firms has turned personal, with two departed partners complaining that they have borne an unfair share of losses and threatening to sue their former colleagues. The Times
Even Warhol’s Lenin has to go as Boris Berezovsky scrambles to pay bills It may have been with a mischievous sense of irony that one of the first Russian businessmen to embrace Western-style capitalism displayed Andy Warhol’s portrait of Lenin at one of his Surrey mansions. Or maybe it was merely for the prestige. The Times
Ex-banker has to sell £8m home to end dispute with investors A former Goldman Sachs banker has agreed to give up his £8 million country home after a long-running dispute with a group of investors. The Times
Creditors force Equinox Capital into liquidation The founder of the shirt retailer Thomas Pink and HM Revenue & Customs have forced an investment company run by a former Goldman Sachs banker into liquidation. The Times
Ex-banker in mansion battle with who’s who of investors Investment dispute Instead of champagne celebration, a group of the rich and powerful claim they have lost millions, David Robertson and Mark Hollingsworth write. The Times
Abramovich’s 40 Strong Army The Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich has boosted his security staff to create a 40-strong “private army”, making him one of the best-protected tycoons in the world. The Times
Mark Thatcher Paid to Promote Despot Sir Mark Thatcher used his mother’s name to help secure a deal worth up to £300,000 a year promoting an oil company connected to the despotic regime in the central Asian country of Kazakhstan. The Times
Lord Goldsmith caught up in ‘oligarch riddle’ Lord Goldsmith, the former Attorney-General, has become embroiled in a suspected sting that resulted in a top anti-mafia lawyer being put on trial in secret in Belarus today. The Times
Driven to the wall by the moneylenders Struggling companies are being forced into the arms of specialist lenders charging interest rates of up to 25 per cent a year because credit from high street banks has dried up. The Times
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‘Public scandal’ of MPs who cash in on jobs One of the best-kept secrets in recent years has been the accumulation of private wealth by some of our members of parliament. Unknown to a large section of the British public, many MPs have been quietly collecting a clutch of lucrative consultancies, directorships and, shareholdings. The Sunday Times
Psychologist worked at hospital after being struck off for misconduct A psychologist has been suspended after The Sunday Times discovered he was working as a senior manager at a mental health hospital and nursing home despite being struck off for misconduct and dishonesty. The Sunday Times
Son of Putin ally has £35m London house A son of a one-time close ally of Vladimir Putin is revealed today as the owner of a £35m mansion in London, after the government published a list of offshore-owned property in Britain worth more than £200bn. The Sunday Times
Vaz helped Indian tycoon THE senior Labour MP Keith Vaz could face an inquiry by the parliamentary sleaze watchdog after intervening with the country’s most senior immigration official on behalf of a controversial Indian cricketing tycoon seeking British travel papers. The Sunday Times
Blair sought £30m UAE deal TONY BLAIR proposed a £30m contract to advise the United Arab Emirates (UAE) while working as the Middle East peace envoy, according to a confidential document on the deal obtained by The Sunday Times. The Sunday Times
Tony’s here to help — at a price FOUR weeks after he stood down as prime minister in June 2007, Tony Blair flew into the searing temperatures of Abu Dhabi in his new role as Middle East special envoy. The Sunday Times
Harley Street link to Ukraine plunder A NETWORK of British firms, including a front company in Harley Street, London, was allegedly used by Viktor Yanukovych, the deposed Ukrainian president, to fund his corrupt lifestyle and to seize control of his palatial private residence. The Sunday Times
Russian banker buys £140m Henley pile A RUSSIAN billionaire who fled Moscow last year claiming to be a victim of Kremlin persecution has bought Britain’s most expensive house. Andrey Borodin, a banker who fell out with the regime of President Vladimir Putin, paid £140m for Park Place Estate, near Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. The Sunday Times
Charles in fear at Diana funeral THE Prince of Wales was so shocked and upset at the public hostility after Princess Diana’s death that he feared for his safety at her funeral, a former royal aide has disclosed. The Sunday Times
Britain bars Andrew’s rich friend Goga Ashkenazi, 33, a multi-millionaire businesswoman who helped to broker a controversial deal to buy the Duke of York’s Sunninghill Park estate in Berkshire at an inflated price, was turned back in September last year at London’s Northolt airport after arriving in her private jet and was told she had been barred from entering Britain. The Sunday Times
Witness opens fire on SAS tale of Gaza gunfight IT HAS all the hallmarks of a classic Boy’s Own adventure: the SAS, thrilling combat and daring escapes. The Sunday Times
Russian banker buys £140m Henley pile A RUSSIAN billionaire who fled Moscow last year claiming to be a victim of Kremlin persecution has bought Britain’s most expensive house. The Sunday Times
Boris’s former spin doctor aids Syrian rebels He won the nickname “the Wizard of Oz” for helping Boris Johnson to become mayor of London. Now Lynton Crosby, the political spin doctor, has turned his attention to lending the Syrian rebels a hand to win the propaganda war against President Bashar al-Assad. The Sunday Times
Russian power games played at Park Russian authorities have stepped up their pursuit of a multimillionaire banker who bought Britain’s most expensive house, issuing an international demand for his arrest in connection with fraud charges. The Sunday Times
About your son, Mrs T: he’s driving us nuts Mark Thatcher exasperated civil servants with his protection demands whilst in America … Then came a call from mum The Sunday Times
Wonga coup boss makes a killing Simon Mann, the Old Etonian mercenary who less than a year ago was serving a 34-year sentence in one of Africa’s most notorious jails, has completed a stunning turnaround in his fortunes after telling friends he sold his house for about £10m — more than £4m above its value. The Sunday Times
From Russia with billions Harmony’s bid for Gold Fields depends on the fortunes and ambitions of a Russian oligarch, Vladimir Potanin, comments Mark Hollingsworth. The Sunday Times
Investors sunk by ‘never say sell’ gurus Stephen Deen is angry and disappointed. Five years ago he and three friends invested more than £100,000 in Energis shares at 300p each. Now they are worthless, with the former telecoms giant in administration. The Sunday Times
Barclay brothers come out of purdah with biography For 50 years the twins, Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, owners of the Ritz hotel in London and a business empire worth £650m, have gone to unusual lengths to maintain their privacy. Much of the story of the book is likely to be the history of how they have avoided the public eye. The Sunday Times
MI6 probes French links to Iraq scam Britain’s intelligence agencies have been ordered by the prime minister to look into alleged French profiteering from the discredited United Nations scheme which allowed Saddam Hussein’s regime to sell oil in return for food. The Sunday Times
Abramovich’s enforcer buys £20m house THE aide who helped Roman Abramovich buy Chelsea football club has bought a trophy asset for himself — a house in London costing £20.5m. Eugene Shvidler, 40, who revels in his role as the billionaire’s “enforcer” in Britain, has been equally demanding in his choice of a family home. The Sunday Times
Russians win deal to return ‘fugitives’ Ken Macdonald, director of public prosecutions, last week signed a “memorandum of understanding” with Alexander Zvyagintsev, deputy prosecutor-general of the Russian Federation, in which both sides agreed for the first time to formal co-operation. The Sunday Times
Clan chief may have abducted BBC reporter A FEARED and powerful clan leader in Gaza has emerged as the main suspect behind the kidnapping of Alan Johnston, the BBC reporter, in the Palestinian territory. The Sunday Times
Safe as houses: the KGB-proof mansion For an oligarch nervous about the future, it is the ideal bolthole. A Russian billionaire is spending tens of millions of pounds building a high-security “KGB-proof” mansion in Surrey. The Sunday Times
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BAE faces investigations over ‘false accounting’ BAE Systems was told on Wednesday by the Serious Fraud Office that it is now part of a widening investigation into possible false accounting in its contracts with two marketing and travel companies that worked for the defence group on its highly-profitable Saudi Arabian business. Financial Times
Investigators interview former BAE Systems official Serious Fraud Office investigators have interviewed a former BAE Systems security official who has accused senior executives at the defence group of blocking his attempt to investigate allegations of fraud in contracts. Financial Times
BAE Systems entangled in accounting investigation by Serious Fraud Office BAE Systems yesterday became a subject of a government investigation into possible false accounting. The contracts at the centre of the probe formed part of its substantial defence work in Saudi Arabia, where the British defence giant has one of its most profitable operations. Financial Times
BAE accused of using secret slush fund to support Saudi defence deal Britain’s largest defence company will find itself today at the centre of fresh allegations that it used a secret slush fund worth millions to support a multi-billion pound deal with Saudi Arabia. Financial Times
Police hold civil servant in BAE probe A man was arrested yesterday by police investigating allegations that the defence company BAE Systems gave free holidays, theatre tickets and other items to a Ministry of Defence civil servant. Financial Times
Bank faces lawsuit from 9/11 victims Riggs National Corporation, the Washington-based bank at the centre of money-laundering allegations, is facing a lawsuit from victims of September 11. Financial Times
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Is going after Russian oligarch’s property assets the key to inflicting pain on Putin? It is not just houses. The UK is also a top destination for wealthy Russians to spend their money on art collections, expensive cars and private schools for their children. In return, the UK often grants them visas and, in some cases, citizenship The Independent
Liechtenstein: The mysterious tax heaven that’s losing the trust of the super-rich The tiny principality of Liechtenstein attracts the super-rich for its secrecy and security but, as a bitter legal case shows, there’s a price: all legal right are held by the trustees The Independent
Accused turns accuser against Bill Browder’s claims of corruption Browder has been a thorn in the side of the Moscow authorities for years. But one Russian firm, which is accused of wrongdoing, now claims that the financier himself is tainted The Independent
The private equity giants, the Greek target and a ‘Trojan horse’ Luxembourg court to hear allegations that Apax and TPG ‘plundered’ for profit The Independent
Exclusive: UK banks in row over Yulia Tymoshenko ‘millions’ Prominent UK banks are at the centre of a dispute over allegations that numerous foreign accounts were set up in the name of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and her family. The Independent
Israel Perry case tests NCA’s powers to freeze assets Soca’s replacement tries out its new muscles with international clamp bid on Israeli businessman The Independent
Nowhere to hide: Soca wields new powers in attempt to freeze assets of jailed Israeli tycoon Israel Perry A bitter dispute between an Israeli tycoon and the UK’s Soca highlights the difficulty of freezing the proceeds of crime across global jurisdictions The Independent
Lawyer pursues BHP Billiton over ‘living death’ poisoning FTSE 100 giant BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company, has become embroiled in a row over compensation for workers suffering from manganese poisoning, a crippling condition similar to Parkinson’s disease. The Independent
BHP Billiton accused of dragging its heels on race agenda BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company, is facing accusations that it has not fully implemented South Africa’s black empowerment policy, which gives historically impoverished groups a stake and a management role in major corporations. The Independent
Saudis look to change of direction from King Fahd’s successor Saudi Arabia remained on edge yesterday amid conflicting reports about the health of King Fahd, its ruler since 1982, and claims that the country, which is the world’s largest oil exporter and in the forefront of the struggle against terrorism, had been put on military alert. The Independent
Lady Thatcher, a diamond necklace and the request that shocked the Sultan When the Sultan of Oman presented Margaret Thatcher with a diamond and sapphire necklace in 1981, she immediately fell in love with it. The Independent
Militants strike at Saudis’ weakest point As oil prices become ever more volatile, Mark Hollingsworth examines US dependence on the increasingly vulnerable regime The Independent
Saudi royal guards ‘aided al-Qa’ida’ in Riyadh bombings that left 35 dead Al-Qa’ida terrorists whose suicide bombs killed 35 people and injured 200 at a housing compound in Riyadh last May were secretly assisted by certain members of the Saudi National Guard which protects the royal family, military trainers employed by a US firm have claimed. The Independent
Oligarch investor in Sibir moves to Israel Chalva Tchigirinski, the beleaguered Russian tycoon who is being sued for alleged improper use of funds belonging to the London-listed oil company Sibir Energy and whose Russian companies are being investigated for supposed tax violations The Independent
US bomb victims sue Saudi royal family for ‘negligence’ The Saudi royal family and its National Guard is being sued for alleged negligence and inept security by the victims of an al-Qa’ida suicide bombing which killed 35 people and injured 200 at a housing compound in Riyadh in May 2003, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. The Independent
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Why did it take so long to sanction Roman Abramovich? On 28 October 2016, I received an email from a well-connected former senior MI6 officer who asked me if I had any material about properties in London owned by wealthy Russians The Spectator
Silent strongman Sergey Shoigu is the real force behind Russia’s military aggression The mysterious defence minister is now favourite to succeed Vladimir Putin as president. The Spectator
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Private jet owned by Russian tycoon Dmitry Mazepin is barred from European airspace. Plane owned by F1 enthusiast is de-registered by Isle of Man. The Telegraph
What life could look like for Roman Abramovich While the billionaire is trying to dispose of his Western assets in a fire sale, there’s one question everyone is asking: Where is he now? The Telegraph
Satellite venture salvaged by Dominic Cummings faces fraud claim from Trump associate Giorgi Rtskhiladze claims he was not paid for arranging space rocket-launch rights for OneWeb in Kazakhstan The Telegraph
Ministers award £300,000 takeover intelligence contract to firm part-owned by tory mp Foreign affairs committee chairman Tom Tugendhat is a shareholder in Beauhurst The Telegraph
Corruption claims threaten emmanuel macron’s fighter jet deal Claims by defence consultant against Thales brings scrutiny to French arms deals with India. The Telegraph
Billionaire behind collapsed icelandic bank lines up spac payday Start-up, which made headlines for a mass firing conducted on Zoom, will float in New York with a valuation of $7.7bn. The Telegraph
From prison isolation to solitary Atlantic crossing ‘Wonga’ coup plotter Simon Mann on battling mental illness The Telegraph
Boris Berezovsky’s lovers fight on for his missing millions Court-ordered payout to lawyers of dead oligarch Boris Berezovsky gives new hope to the many creditors queuing for remnants of his £1.9bn fortune. The Telegraph
‘First wives club’ fights for justice from the divorce courts A group of women, led by Michelle Young, who feel the divorce courts have left them short-changed have joined forces to help others in their position. The Telegraph
British law firm ‘inflated’ Mau Mau compensation costs to taxpayer Leading law firm Leigh Day is being accused in the Kenyan courts of ‘inflating’ its bill for historic Mau Mau compensation settlement. The Telegraph
Sir Christopher attacks two-year SFO probe Sir Christopher Evans, chairman of Merlin Biosciences, has attacked the Serious Fraud Office over its handling of a two-year investigation into alleged fraud by the biotechnology entrepreneur. The Telegraph
Germany lined up by Uefa to replace Ukraine as Euro 2012 co-hosts Germany are being lined up to replace Ukraine as co-hosts for Euro 2012 amid fears inside Uefa that the East European country will not be ready to stage the event. The Telegraph
Firm linked to Byers in breach of court order A prominent multi-national oil and construction company which retains former Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers as a consultant is in breach of a court order after failing to pay £16m in a dispute over the share of revenues in the oilfields of Yemen. The Telegraph
Abramovich transfers homes to himself Roman Abramovich has transferred the ownership of some of his £60m property portfolio in London and Sussex from offshore companies into his own name. The Telegraph
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James and the Giant Peach His ambition knows no bounds, and he attracts fierce controversy wherever he goes – from Eton to Brixton. Tatler Magazine
Diana, Panorama and Me Behind the mystery of the princess’s explosive interview Tatler Magazine
Palumbo V Palumbo The Palumbo family has been riven by lawsuits, acrimony and punch-ups for decades – but even though Lord Palumbo thought his two eldest children were ‘rotten apples’, his youngest, Laura, remained loyal. Until now. Tatler Magazine
Bring on the Bollygarchs Launching beers, becoming peers, running NGOs and dancing till dawn – there’s no stopping London’s Indian billionaires. Mark Hollingsworth and M A Nicholas meet the new maharajas. Tatler Magazine
Conman About Town Unlock Bernie Madoff’s London office and the secrets tumble out: the connection with the Latsis family, his hitherto unknown closest European associate and his last desperate cash transfer. His long-term employee Julia Fenwick tells Mark Hollingsworth and M.A. Nicholas how ‘Uncle Bernie’ pulled off his Ponzi. Tatler Magazine
Biff! Bang! Powski! It’s becoming a familiar scene in the High Court. In one corner: an angry Russian billionaire. In the other: an equally angry Russian billionaire. Mindboggling sums are at stake – as well as wounded macho pride. But why are so many oligarchs bringing their battles to Britain and squaring off in some of the most ferocious legal dust-ups seen in decades? Tatler Magazine
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Prince Harry severed ties with Saudi billionaire at the centre of Charles ‘cash for honours’ probe… after voicing ‘major concern’ about the donor’s motives, leaked emails reveal The Mail on Sunday
Creditors are hunting for £6 million worth paintings which have ‘gone missing’… after James Stunt was evicted from his £13 million Belgravia house The Mail on Sunday
Exposed: How playboy James Stunt used the fake art he lent to Prince Charles to try to borrow millions… as it is revealed a FOURTH painting hanging on the royal’s wall was created by a forger The Mail on Sunday
Charles Hit by Fake Art Prince Charles is hit by a major counterfeit art scandal: Royal sends back £105m Monet, Picasso and Dali paintings lent by bankrupt businessman James Stunt as an American forger claims HE painted them. The Mail on Sunday
The 50 million Conundrum Where IS the fake Monet painting that hung at Prince Charles’s Dumfries House? The Mail on Sunday
Exposed: Elaborate Plot show fake Dali that hung on Charles’s wall was real Elaborate plot including fake email from an art expert designed to prove Dali painting that belonged to James Stunt and hung on Prince Charles’s wall was real. The Mail on Sunday
Dando death ‘plot’ could clear Archer Jeffrey Archer is preparing a bid to overturn his perjury conviction – and his case will feature a bizarre claim made against the disgraced peer that he was responsible for the murder of Jill Dando. The Mail on Sunday
‘Accept £30m or I’m a dead man’ How ‘suicide’ fall millionaire Scot Young made a chilling final call to his wife just weeks before he was found impaled on railings after plunging from luxury flat The Daily Mail
How the Qataris bought Britain: Top hotels. Ascot. Prime Mayfair mansions… the sheikhs have rolled into the UK – for only £11.6billion The Mail on Sunday
Mansion tax ‘could trigger huge crash in property prices’ Owners’ lobby group claim that ‘economically illiterate’ levy is just politics of envy The Mail on Sunday
How London turned into Richistan The city with more super-rich than anywhere else proves Putin had a point when he taunted PM about losing his capital to oligarchs The Mail on Sunday
Revolving door row ex MI6 spy lands BP job Top spy takes early retirement from MI6… only to be hired by BP as highly-paid lobbyist. The Mail on Sunday
MI5 ‘vetoed Security Minister over links to Ukrainian oligarchs’ The harmony of the Coalition Government faced new scrutiny last night after it was revealed that a Minister threatened to resign when her appointment to a key Cabinet role was vetoed. The Mail on Sunday
Madeleine McCann detective paid £500,000 from donations facing £1m fraud charge A private detective whose company was paid up to £500,000 from publicly donated funds to find Madeleine McCann has been charged with fraud. The Mail on Sunday
If you find me dead, it won’t be an accident’ How Russian oligarchs’ favourite English lawyer met his horrifying death The Mail on Sunday
Revolving doors’ row as ex-FO Minister joins bank with links to Iraq A former Foreign Office Minister has accepted a lucrative role with a UK investment bank that has made a fortune from contracts in post-war Iraq. The Mail on Sunday
US firm earns £1m from our ‘forgotten’ hostages A private security firm that employs four of the ‘forgotten’ British hostages held in Iraq for more than a year has charged about £1million for its ‘services’ while they have been in captivity. The Mail on Sunday
Scotland Yard terror squad probes coup plot Scotland Yard anti-terrorism detectives are investigating the failed 2004 plot to overthrow the government of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea. The Mail on Sunday
Abramovich given demand for £10m as he watches Chelsea game A crush of people stretched out hands towards Roman Abramovich minutes after they watched his Chelsea team secure a draw in the Champions League. The Mail on Sunday
Is there a property in London Abramovich won’t buy? He is – most famously – the owner of Chelsea Football Club. But it now appears billionaire Roman Abramovich is trying to buy up the rest of West London as well. The Mail on Sunday
Bank targets Chelsea boss in £9m battle The company that provided the funds for Roman Abramovich’s spending spree at Chelsea football club faces renewed legal action by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The Mail on Sunday
Irish tycoon poised to win Wentworth Self-made Irish multi-millionaire Sean Quinn is set to win the battle for control of Wentworth Golf Club with a £122m bid. The Mail on Sunday
The multi-millionaire nightclub boss and a peerage that will drag a family feud to the House of Lords Wags have already dubbed James Palumbo ‘Lord of the Dance’ after the nightclub entrepreneur was made a peer yesterday. The Mail on Sunday
Daughter reveals the day Lord Palumbo punched his son in the face – and sparked a £70m feud The scene is the opulent dining room of Buckhurst Park, a grand, 16-bedroom country house set in 60 acres of Windsor Great Park. The Mail on Sunday
Maddie McCann investigator to get legal aid in battle against U.S. fraud charges A private detective whose firm was paid up to £500,000 from publicly donated funds to find Madeleine McCann is to get tens of thousands of pounds in legal aid to fight extradition to the US for fraud charges. The Mail on Sunday
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A miner’s bitter tale Mark Hollingsworth on the police v. Simpson The New Statesman
A plot conceived and planned six years ago Sarah Benton and Mark Hollingsworth detail the bad faith, the union-busters brought in as ‘consultants’ and the role of the electricians’ union. The New Statesman
Big Mac penetrates minds of the miners Mark Hollingsworth on the Coal Baord’s new ways and means of persuasion. The New Statesman
Blueing the black stuff Mark Hollingsworth report on Tory desires – and plans – to privatise the profitable pits. The New Statesman
Daylight on the Sun Ever wondered how those concerned and pleasant fellows at the Sun talk when they’re preparing the paper? Mark Hollingsworth found out. The New Statesman
How to win friends ONE OF THIS government’s most notable achievements has been its powerful influence over most of the media. The New Statesman
Scargill’s Sun support Mark Hollingsworth on the Sun’s brief eclipse The New Statesman
The protests rise within the EETPU Feeling is strengthening among the EETPU’s own members that what happened in Wapping ‘just isn’t decent’. Mark Hollingsworth on the geographic spread of anti-Hammond criticism. The New Statesman
Using miners to bust the union The Notts NUM could split from the national union when the Area Council meets next week to consider motions put by the National Working Miners’ Committee. Mark Hollingsworth exposes the role of the Tory Party and the Coal Board in supporting strike-breakers. The New Statesman
What? No power cuts? Jane Dibblin and Mark Hollingsworth look at the CEGB’s disinformation during the miners’ strike. The New Statesman
Who is paying the piper? Whatever their first intentions and protestations, the working miners’ leadership is now firmly connected to the Tory establishment of lawyers, business and the party itself. Last week Mark Hollingsworth exposed the role of the Tory Party and the National Coal Board in helping to set up the working miner’s organisation. In this second article he describes their links with business. The New Statesman
Will a better road map get us there? A Palestinian academic and a former head of the Israeli secret police are bringing hope to the stalled Middle East peace process. The New Statesman
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How a Trump SoHo Partner Ended Up With Toxic Mining Riches From Kazakhstan The long road from the old Soviet republic to the offshore financial centers of the Caribbean to London—and all the way to a partner in Midtown Manhattan’s Trump SoHo. Bloomberg
Money laundering investigation was not pursued when Beppe Fenech Adami’s name cropped up As Malta entered a general election, in January 2013 an investigation into alleged money laundering following a Dutch drug bust failed to gather steam: Beppe Fenech Adami, the parliamentary assistant for home affairs, was a director of the Maltese fiduciary company which police investigators said was handling the transactions for a company that could have been used by suspected drug traffickers. Malta Today
The enforcer: Dr. Jack and the company he keeps Dr. Jack Cunningham, the `cabinet enforcer’, is a key figure in the Blair government. Here, The Ecologist lays bare his record, his connections and his politics. The Ecologist
Successor aims to end subservience to the West The death of King Fahd will be greeted with anxiety and unease by the West and the Saudi royal family now that Crown Prince Abdullah has succeeded the corrupt 84-year-old despot. The Irish Times
Mandelson rented flat from oil tycoon in coup row The European Commissioner’s alleged links with a millionaire accused of backing a putsch bid in Africa are prompting questions The Observer
Debt-hit Elan accused of ‘aggressive’ accounting A senior executive of a major American biotech company has spoken publicly for the first time about his concerns about accounting practices at Elan Pharmaceuticals, the troubled Irish drugs giant, which he said were on the ‘aggressive side of what is acceptable’. The Observer
Fresh doubts surface over embattled MP The embattled Labour MP George Galloway acted as the secret ’emissary’ for a British-based Islamic dissident who purchased a satellite phone supplied to al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. The Observer
Mark No-Mates, dodgy millionaire Poor old Sir Mark Thatcher, nobody likes him and nobody wants him. The Sunday Mirror